Safety, Environment and Quality

JAG Poly Pty Ltd is committed to providing a safe and health workplace for all employees and the protection of the environment and local communities is of paramount importance to our long-term vision for the business

The company also recognises the responsibilities and requirements placed upon it by Occupational Health and Safety legislation and codes of practice and will adhere to these principles, and provide:

  • Safe systems of work and maintenance of company plant and equipment.
  • Information, instruction and supervision for all employees, visitors and contractors relevant to the OHS Systems and procedures of the site.
  • Consultation with all employees on OHS issues, including any changes to work practices, procedures or before the introduction of new plant and equipment.
  • Ongoing programs to prevent accidents, including coordinating regular workplace inspections in conjunction with employees.
  • Managers and supervisors are expected to fully implement the company safety programs and are responsible for ensuring a safe work environment is provided for all employees under their direct control.
  • JAG Poly ensures that all project personnel are qualified to perform the duties expected of them and remain competent to do so

Safety Policy

The Management of JAG Poly is committed to providing safe and healthy working environment for our employees (and those in connection with the company’s business operations) both now and the future. In demonstrating Management’s commitment to safety, the company will provide a working environment that minimises incidents of risk or personal injury, ill health or damage to property.

This includes

  • Providing employees with appropriate training
  • Providing safe systems of work
  • Providing safe plant and equipment
  • Regular consultation on health and safety issues

A safe working culture is the responsibility of everyone and can be best achieved by employers and employees working together to identify hazards.

This is reinforced through

  • Continually identifying, assessing and controlling possible risks to the health and safety of people that may arise in the workplace
  • The provision of information concerning such risks, and the promotion, instruction, training and supervision of employees to ensure safe work practices
  • Giving employees the opportunity to participate in health and safety decisions that affect them. In maintaining high standards of work and safety everyone must take reasonable care for both their own health and safety and that of others affected by their work.

This ensures we maintain long term working relationships and healthy working environments for everyone.

Environmental Management Policy

JAG Poly aspires to the following environmental management goals:

  • To comply with all environmental responsibilities defined by legislation.
  • Work with all cultural and natural heritage groups and help identify and preserve sites of importance
  • Strive to use new and existing resources more efficiently by reducing, reusing and recycling all waste products
  • Provide ongoing training, information and opportunities for skills enhancement for all personnel in relation to environmental management.
  • Meet or exceed all client environmental specifications and expectations

 JAG Poly Health and Safety Responsibilities

JAG Poly OHS Policy