JAG POLY Polyethylene Fabrication Services

Polyethylene pipeline services available include:

  •  Pipe Butt Welding - from 15mm - 1600mm diameter 
  •  AKS concrete lining welding and spark testing
  •  Electrofusion to 1000mm
  •  Plastic Extrusion Welding
  •  Socket Fusion Welding
  •  Pipeline Construction
  •  Pipeline Repairs 
  •  Weld Logging

PE fabrication 

  •  Pre-fabrication of pipe spools
  •  Suction lines
  •  Poly floats and pontoons


  •  Design of pumping and filtration systems
  •  Pipeline design
  •  Special projects 

SupplyHDPE Pipe Welding

  •  Supply of PE pipe fittings and flanges 
  •  Complete system supply including pumps, valves, flow meters & electrical control equipment


  •  On site pipe repairs
  •  Scheduled maintenance service
  •  Plant shut down services
  •  Emergency breakdown
  •  PE tank repairs

The balance between the experience and skills of the directors, welding technicians and their respective teams provides the highly competent basis for JAG Poly to meet the needs of this specialty area of poly pipeline welding.

Welding 1000mm poly pipe at Ensham Mine

JAG Poly can add value to your piping project through every stage of development through to practical completion.