Poly strainers are installed on the suction side of a pump to capture debris and reduce the chance of blocking or damaging the pump impeller. Also referred to as “Hair and Lint Strainers, Leaf and Lint Strainers and Suction Strainer Pots”, they are widely used in commercial aquatic centres, municipal swimming pools and theme parks as well as pre-strainers for agricultural irrigation pumps.   


New Style Pre-Pump Strainer  Swimming Pool Pre-Pump Strainer

New Style Pre-Pump Strainer                                                        Swimming Pool Pre-Pump Strainer

Poly Leaf & Lint Basket Strainers are available in two formats, a standard height model and a cut down squat version

Both feature:

  • Body Constructed from tough HDPE
  • Stainless steel punched screen strainer basket – electro-polished for additional corrosion resistance
  • Safe and easy to use toggle eye bolt lid retainers
  • Custom inlet & outlet flanges sized to suit each installation
  • Optional view port
  • Sizes range from 15 to 150 litres per second

 Poly Leaf & Lint Basket Strainer Low Profile Brochure                  

 Poly Leaf & Lint Basket Strainer Std Brochure       


 Flanged Draw Down Strainers              

These new draw-down strainers are constructed from corrosion resistant HDPE. Our standard range is from 100mm to 300mm flange connections with the poly flange drilled to Table D/ AS4087. Other flange drilling patterns are offered including Table E, DIN, ANSI and China HB/ HW.
One of the features of this range of strainers is the large surface area, up to 8 times the inlet area, and low inflow velocities. Skid bases can be added to keep strainers damaging pond liners.
  Unlike standard flanged pump strainers, these feature an extended inlet to enable the pumps to pick up water even as the strainer basket is exposed. To extend the point at which the pump will start to suck air and lose prime, a series of vanes help reduce vortexing.
Custom made Tee strainers as below can be fabricated where extensive screen area is needed with minimum submergence.


New Poly Drawdown Strainer

New Poly Drawdown Strainer


  • Body Constructed from tough HDPE
  • Draw down inlet
  • Anti-vortex vanes
  • 8 times inlet open screen area
  • Sizes range from 100mm to 300mm
  • Flange Drilling to suit your specification

 Poly Drawdown Strainer Brochure


Large Poly Tee Intake Screens

Large 500mm Poly Tee Strainer

Large 500mm Poly Tee Strainer

 Large 500mm Poly Tee Strainer Details


450 Tee Strainers.jpg

Large 450mm Poly Tee Strainer

 Large 450mm Poly Tee Strainer Details