Pump Shrouds

Most borehole style electric submersible pump motors need a Flow Inducer Sleeve (Shroud) when installed in an open body of water. eg. a dam or river

Poly pump shrouds are installed over the body of the pump and motor so that the water flow past the motor is sufficient to achieve adequate cooling of the motor. This protects the pump motor from damage and ensures correct velocity of water over motor for cooling purposes.

This unit should always be mounted clear of the well or dam floor to prevent a build-up of sludge or sand at the entrance to the shroud as cooling performance can be compromised. A protective ‘MUD FOOT’ can be fitted along with strainers and anti-vortex plates for added protection. Even when suspended under a float, a protective shield can be included.


These are all custom made to suit the model of your pump.


Submersible Pump in shroud with float Double Poly Float with submersible pump housing

Double float with twin submersible pump shrouds


Double poly float with submersible pump shroud  Double poly float with twin submersible pump shrouds 

Submersible pump cooling shroud with protective feet